Sunday, November 13, 2016

Did Warner Bros Animation just give a nod to Street Fighter?

The good thing about being raised on a steady diet of comic books and cartoons is that you learn appreciate the best things in life. Those of us who remember the late '80s and '90s experienced the fighting game revolution as well. Kids that got a chance to live through that era were influenced by a lot of different things. Those kids eventually grew up to become artists, animators and producers in their own right. It looks like they did not forget the things that meant the most to them.

Warner Bros Animation has come up with a spiritual successor to The Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series. The new series is called Justice League Action and has a style that falls somewhere in between the original Teen Titans and JLU shows. A lot of classic voice actors have returned as well as rare DC heroes and villains. I'm glad that Plastic Man finally has a chance to shine but even more happy that they are keeping things light with the pop culture references.

In one of the new episodes the Toy Man makes the Justice League fight against each other in a game called Blvd. Brawlers 2. It is beat-for-beat identical to the introduction of my personal favorite Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Warner Bros isn't the only studio that gets a shout out for the Street Fighter love. Remember that Disney's Gravity Falls had an episode that centered around "Fight Fighters" a Street Fighter II knock-off?

Are you happy that the JL series is giving the nod to Street Fighter instead of the Injustice games? What are your favorite pop culture Street Fighter nods? I'd like to read about them in the comments section.