Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Capcom is hiring a Fighting Game Associate Producer! Should I pack my bags and move up North?

You ever get the feeling you were born in the wrong era? Or maybe a great opportunity comes up at the wrong time? I'm getting a healthy dose of that right now. It looks like Capcom is hiring Fighting Games Associate Producer. I've been a vocal critic of the company but also a passionate supporter of their franchises for more than two decades. I lack formal development experience and a degree in Japanese for business. I do have experience in most of the software the job requires and of course I can learn new programs quickly. I might not get an interview but I would hope that the studio would even consider me in the first place.


If you are serious about fighting games and want a career in game production then there is no better place to start. Capcom has the most influential library of fighting game titles in the industry, including ones that deserve a new lease on life (Darkstalkers?!). If you love the community and want to see it grow and create the best experiences then why not apply? As for myself. I don't live in the Bay Area and I have a wife and daughter to support. My current job pays well, has a great team and benefits. It wouldn't challenge me the way that Capcom could but right now stability is more important than satisfying my ego. What do you think? Would you like to see me as a producer on Capcom fighting games?