Thursday, March 12, 2015

One Year of Ridge Racer Slipstream...

Hey friends, sorry for the lack of updates but trust me when I say I have some good things coming up. This time I wanted to talk about a mobile game that I've been playing for over a year. I don't have too many games on my iPod but what games I do have I play the heck out of. One of which was Ridge Racer Slipstream. I had featured the game previously on my blog and wanted to show how far I had gotten in one year of daily playing.

As with most new games you are rewarded with Achievements. There are over a million players enjoying the game around the world so you can imagine that trying to dominate the Leaderboard is all but impossible.


I wanted to capture proof of playing RR Slipstream for one year. Each day that players return to the game they are rewarded with credits. These credits can be used to buy new cars or car upgrades. So far I have bought 12 cars and over 100 upgrades with the money I have earned.


People can pay real money to buy virtual currency in the game or they can grind away and earn the virtual currency by playing the game. Namco must hate gamers like me because I put in my time and not my money for all the rewards.

After a year I have earned plenty of experience and I have saved up so much virtual currency that paying for upgrades shouldn't be a problem.


 I love how absurdly powerful the cars in the game are. I took this screenshot on one of the races. I managed to get up to 328MPH on one stretch of track! One of the things that I don't like however is how hackers have taken advantage of the game. There are a bunch of people that have maxed out their stats or have given themselves impossibly high achievements. For example after a year of playing the game I've earned almost 300 hours of playtime. Yet the top of the leaderboard is filled with people with the same 2777+ hours.

I can understand that I may not have been playing the game as long as other people. I started playing a few months after it was released. But the gap in Global Wins seems inflated to me. How can I tell?

It looks like two things the hackers can't break are the Distance Driven and Experience Earned. I've managed to grind to a pretty insurmountable lead in the World Rankings. No codes, no cheats, just lots of miles on the iPod.


Are there any games that you've grinded all the way to the top?

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